Felicity Finds: Works By Christian

Felicity Finds: Works By Christian

Felicity x Works By Christian - ‘All Under One Roof’


Felicity welcomes ‘Works By Christian’ for the debut capsule and collaboration - ‘All Under One Roof’.

Christian McMahon, a born & bred Melbourne local sticks close to his roots in an illustrative series that plays into being kept at home during the worldwide lockdown. 

Once the garments hit the printers and embroiderers, we took the moment to reflect on the collaboration and what inspired Christian to bring his thoughts, ideas and experiences to life in ‘All Under One Roof’:

  • What’s your earliest memory of getting into the creative scene?

    I’ve been interested in art and design my whole life, I remember as a kid my mum used to pull out her old art folios with large A0 pieces of paper that we’d go crazy on, she was probably the first influence of me finding an interest in drawing. From there throughout school and high school art based subjects were always those that interested me most. My younger years saw me get into all different kinds of art ranging from large lino cuts and etchings to graffiti, which is what I like most, trying to learn a number of styles/genres that I can then turn into my own.

    • What would you describe your biggest influence as?

    I guess my style would be described as cartoon/illustrative style, the things I draw or create are generally based on things that I see in my day to day life, or previous experiences, that I try to tie into messages or motifs that people are able to then recognise and relate to. I like having hidden messages or basing illustrations off phrases or idioms. I’ve grown up being shaped by those around me, be it friends or local inspirations, this grouped with the stuff that I did as a teenager including graffiti/drawing. This really brought me into illustrating and trying to create drawings that are also personable to people outside of graffiti. Currently within the type of work that I make, I like the fact that those around me constantly drive me to new artistic avenues, there's no better feeling than this.

    • Branching from the sub culture of graffiti into the creative space, discuss the negative connotations of moving from a somewhat rebellious artform into monetising your talent

    I’m not sure if there is a negative connotation, I feel like anyone has the right to monetise their style into whatever they want to, I learnt alot about art and design through years of doing graffiti, it has positively led me to building up my current artistic style. I guess there is some negativity surrounding ‘selling out’ but I personally think that is surrounding the topic of piggybacking on subcultures in an unoriginal way to gain money. Many people that I’ve met through the different types of art I do are all driven in their own way. 

    • What is your favourite piece of the capsule?

    For me I think each piece holds its own weight. My personal favourite is the Bouquet Series, the playful design sits nicely on the white marle and forest green. This in contrast to the Cobweb hoodie, the charcoal black stitching really empowers the embroidery detail. Each piece has its own occasion to be worn - casting the mind to the bright side, yet also delving into our devilish parts of life.

    • A piece of advice for up and coming artists or those wanting to create a name for themselves. Where do they start? What would you tell a teenage you?

    I guess it sounds pretty cliche but respect those who’ve done it before you and don't be afraid to try new things, not everything has to be perfect for it to look good. Get a good basis and understanding of different types of art, it'll allow you to see where your talent lies.. I’d tell a teenager me to keep doing what I’m doing, as everything works out in the end, regardless of the outcome.


    It was a pleasure working with Christian on our debut capsule and allowing us a full insight into his creative process, watching it come to life.

    Stay tuned for our upcoming collaborations where we continue to provide a platform for artists to express themselves. 

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