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Zjoso DJ Melbourne Music Artist
This week, we introduce Felicity Finds - a platform to showcase local and upcoming talent.
To kick off the new series, we caught up with Zjoso. Melbourne based, Zjoso is DJ and founder of Tribqu - a radio show broadcasting monthly on Skylab Radio, event series and community orientated platform
We were luckily enough to have Zach feature in our capsule 'Keep Moving Forward'.
Once we finished up shooting, Zach and I had a chat all things heritage, music, influences and how to stay grounded and his future ambitions.

Zach! Great to have you on for our Felicity Finds series. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey! My name is Zach I am DJ and founder of Tribqu also more recently a burgeoning graphic designer. I was born in Brunswick Heads NSW but pretty much grew up in Melbourne. I am mixed in heritage. My Mum is from New Zealand and my Dad is from Guinea West Africa.

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What’s your earliest memory of falling in love with music?

My step dad at the time was a DJ and he would always be playing records in the house as a kid. He liked a lot of music coming out of Chicago and New York from the 90’s but was also very into people like Jamirquoi, The Streets and Damien Marley. Love to DJ Silver.


Where have you travelled that influenced your style? 

Back in 2017 I traveled around the EU and Morocco and spent a decent time in London. London was such an interesting place for me culturally, musically and stylistically. That was one of the first moments I had been in a city that had such a strong community of African and Caribbean people and that was such a raw and new feeling for me being surrounded by that. Checking the different record stores and attending club nights really influenced my passion for Djing and digging deeper for music after returning back to Melbourne.. I’ve also visited Tokyo and Japan. I love everything about those cities. The urban landscapes, the pace, the fashion and record stores, it's all so good.

For those who don't know - What is Tribqu?

Tribqu started as a radio show on an online radio station called Hope St Radio and has since moved to Skylab Radio. Broadcasting live with monthly shows with myself and guests that I invite onto the show. I had always had a vision for having a radio show, hosting events and a clothing brand. So I guess it's been a natural progression having started each thing which now falls under the umbrella of Tribqu. 

What’s helped shape your culture and community within the city? 

Connecting with more like minded communities that share the same affinity towards music, culture and creative pursuits. Shout out to the Brotherhood and the Mooltan St massive.

How do you stay authentic? 

Going for long runs, meditation helps me alot with keeping centred and fresh. I listen to alot of music, I have a bunch of magazines called Blues & Soul that I flick through whenever I need some design inspiration. 

Did you know you wanted to DJ or did it happen organically?

    After finishing high school, I started buying records and the bug hit me. I had a moment of thinking I would love to play all these new records out somewhere and started playing at small bars. The journey grew from there. 

    Since your first gig, how have you seen Melbourne evolve in the music scene?

      Melbourne is great for music, I mean depending what you're into musically I think pre pandemic you would be able to find a venue, a night or even a park party that catered to your music taste, Melbourne is cool like that, I think when I first started DJ'ing and going out to see things there were a lot more venues that were open and crew’s pushing nights more regularly. Where you rock up to a night and there is a core group of people attending and playing regularly, it builds a nice community. It would be nice to see a return to that ethos. I think online radio stations have also been a big thing for Melbourne as of late. Out to the Skylab radio crew! 

      Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

        I want to chase the sun and be somewhere nice by the beach but I am also such a city guy. Somewhere between Melbourne, West Africa and London is my feeling in the next 5 years. 


        Big love for letting us into his creative space and allowing the capsule to come to life through a day in his life. 

        Find Zjoso’s archive shows at:


        Listen below for Zjoso's exclusive Felicity Finds Mix: 




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